Keeper of My Heart

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Twenty-one year old Katie McCullough is too young to be devoting her life to only two things:   Angus MacAfee "Pop" and restoring the Paige Point light station. She has worked and saved every dime from her two jobs, one at the local diner and the other at the “Rod 'n Reel” store.  The repairs to the cottage and keeper's house are coming along nicely in time for the bid on the property. A bid that once she is awarded, will allow Pop to be moved into the cottage, his rightful home. Although not truly related, he has been her sole family since the death of her brother Davey.  
Max Sawyer feels responsible for the Davey's death and pledges to make things right for the surviving family no matter the cost. Such commitment requires an investment to bid on the light station and restore it.   Only one bidder can be awarded the property, but the town meeting announcing the winning bid doesn't settle things.  Quite the contrary, as it inflames Katie's need to see her opposition fail, even if it means breaking the law.
Darcy Flynn sets this story, and at times amusing character antics, against the beauty of Chesapeake Bay while capturing an affection for yesteryear in this contemporary romance. Flynn captures the leisurely pace of the community while keeping enough events happening to keep the reader engaged. At times the scene and time shifts are jarring but quickly overlooked in this winning novel.

Erin Murdock