Kayaks and Kisses (Season of Thanks)


Skier Brynn Caley is ready to make the big leap:  to buy a sporting goods store and start her own outdoor skiing business. Unfortunately, the store she’s ready to buy catches the eye of fishing expert Gage Konewko, who wants it as well. When the current owner insists that they work together to run the shop year round, Brynn and Gage become business partners - even they’ve never met, and aren’t sure they can trust each other. With a few misconceptions and lies thrown in the mix, Brynn finds herself fending off an overbearing Mr. Konewko via email, while renovating the store with the handsome single construction guy she can’t help but crush on, completely unaware they are the same person. With Gage keeping his identity secret, will he be able to win over the lovely Brynn, or will their partnership crash and burn from the start?

A sweet novella any fan of “You’ve Got Mail” would love, “Kayaks and Kisses” combines a love for outdoor sports, a business neither character wants to share, and the possibility for love stronger than any partnership. Well written and smooth, the story has good development in the lead characters, a couple of interesting side characters, and very sweet romance. The only drawback is the lack of unique conflict or tension, making the story a bit predictable. However, fans of clean contemporary romance will enjoy the banter between Brynn and Gage over email and the genuine romance. A wonderful story!

Sarah E Bradley