Katie’s Rock


WESTERN:  Katie, the titular character, is a single mother torn between her feelings for two brothers.  When Jake comes into the bar where she works, they have instant chemistry.  Katie starts dating him despite her self-esteem issues from her divorce and a busy life.  Even with their strong feelings for each other, Jake holds part of himself back from her, with weird mood swings. He doesn’t seem to be over his ex-wife. In contrast, his younger brother David is fun and sunny; he’s there for her in ways that Jake isn’t.  While Jake seems the logical choice, and their sons are like brothers, why can’t she stop feeling for David?

Katie’s Rock delves into the emotions a woman experiences when caught in a relationship that doesn’t satisfy her needs.  Katie and Jake have a tumultuous courtship and the reader can see the pain he causes Katie.  Regardless of his appeal, it’s clear that he doesn’t give Katie security and comfort. On the other hand, fun-loving, jocular David makes Katie happy and he’s there for her.

Like Katie, the reader wavers between both brothers. The depictions of Katie’s distress are poignant.   The writing is heartfelt and down-to-earth, but it felt too melodramatic at times. The characters’ actions don’t always make sense.  Important characters are absent at crucial times. In spite of some issues, Katie’s Rock is an enjoyable novel with a heroine that most readers will root for. The author draws the reader deep into her emotional journey to find true love.

Danielle Hill