Just Right


Preparing to start over after losing her chair in the orchestra, Avery, a tuba player, is spending the holidays helping out friends in need. Gator takes a leave of absence as a forest ranger in order to return to his home town to help out his ailing mother during the holidays. Both Avery and Gator have been disappointed by love before and have no intention of acting on the attraction that burns between them. Can spending time together while participating in various holiday events help Avery and Gator leave the past behind and believe in love? Or will their plans for the future, which would take them in opposite directions, keep them apart?

Avery and Gator are strong, captivating characters that easily draw readers into their story and charm their way into readers’ hearts in their own quirky ways. They are total opposites in their likes and dislikes, the way they live their lives, and what they want their futures to be. These differences have them fighting their attraction and will have readers chuckling throughout. The story starts off slow and steady and then picks up speed toward the middle, keeping readers engaged throughout this ‘opposites-attract’ romance.  While readers may find some of the characters’ inner dialogue a bit repetitive, most of the dialogue is witty,  adding a lighthearted charm to the story as the characters get to know each other. Between the events that take place and the way this romance plays out, “Just Right” has a realistic quality to it that warms the heart and will leave readers with smiles on their faces.

E.L. Hurley