Just This Once


After working long hours every week, Hannah Montgomery needs a vacation. Deciding that three weeks in New Zealand is just the ticket to figure out her life, and she will throw some relaxation time in while she’s at it.  After a few days in New Zealand, she is rescued, literally, by Drew Callahan and even though she doesn’t do casual relationships, after meeting him she decides maybe it’s time to start.
Drew Callahan is a professional rugby player who wants Hannah to lighten up and realize all the fun she is missing, and he wants to be the one to show her. After spending time with Hannah, Drew opens up and shares most of his life story. Knowing Hannah is hesitant to form a lasting relationship, Drew leaves out one very important aspect....
“Just This Once” is a wonderful, charming story uniquely set in New Zealand. Drew is a scrumptious hero! He’s caring, compassionate, funny - the kind that gives any reader the warm fuzzies, yum!! Hannah on the other hand needs some help in the insecurity department, so much so that her character gets to be irritating after a while, making one want to smack her.  If Hannah was a bit less insecure, a bit more sympathetic, this book would rate a resounding 5 stars. The storyline is warm, sexy, and romantic - the perfect combination!
Tonya Smalley