Just A Name


CHICK-LIT:  Holly Murphy has a plan for everything, including her relationships and her career. Having her management style questioned before a promotion, her boss demanding she take a vacation, and her fiancé breaking their engagement just a couple months shy of their wedding is NOT part of the plan. A vacation is the last thing she wants with work troubles and her ex’s friend Logan suddenly showing interest in her. Except taking a vacation will appease her boss and help her best friend, Quinn, out of a jam, if she takes a man with the same name as her ex via a publicized search, on her Honeymoon trip. When the handsome Nate Jones is chosen, Holly hopes this new adventure will follow the plan, but will plans solve everything? Or will the trip force her to reexamine everything she’s ever thought about herself?

An astounding journey of self-discovery, “Just A Name” is chick-lit with depth! Holly Murphy is so realistic she practically jumps off the page. Full of worries about her relationships, work, and problems leftover from her childhood, Holly’s need to control everything is challenged continually. Furthermore, the light romance between Holly and Logan feels like the beginning of something wonderful without being the focus of the story while adding to Holly’s growth. Also, the various side characters are interesting, and readers will enjoy learning more about them in future books. The main downside is that the ending is rather abrupt with Holly making a big decision about her future, but without the development it deserves. Still, readers who enjoy light and clean romances with actual plot and character development should definitely consider this book! 

Sarah E Bradley