Just an Illusion, Side A: Side A (The Illusion Series Book 1)


Amelia Greyson, nicknamed Mel, is desperately trying to escape the memories of a past that haunts her, but when she meets the gorgeous rock duo - twin brothers Noah and Sawyer, it would seem she is destined for a life contrary to everything she has run from.  As she struggles to keep her head focused on her writing career, both men will vie for her attention and she must make a choice soon.

The diverse range of characters in this story is extremely vivid and fleshed out.  The four band members, including the two main love interests as well as other family and friends, were very believable, complex, and downright fun.  While not original, the concept of this story was well executed - combining fantastic age-appropriate appeal with slang and situations for its new adult market.

The pacing did slow down at times with situations that had no bearing on the plot, other than to show the characters bonding.  If the reader prefers books with lots of fun and heart-warming fluff, this story will have great appeal. Most of the internal conflicts presented in the story are left unresolved, presumably to be resolved in ‘Side B’.  The last third of the book's main external conflict is left completely unresolved, and could leave the reader feeling very unsatisfied.  If one is on board with a cliff hanger of this nature, then this heart gripping little contemporary romance may just hit the spot! 

Mary B Rose