Just a Girl


CHICK-LIT/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Quinn is enjoying one of her favorite snacks when life throws a very handsome man, Henry, her way. Their initial meeting is a mix of both sweet and sour. However, both of them are left with a longing to see each other and to do away with the ‘sour’ bit while throwing more building blocks to the ‘sweet’ side. Quinn’s friends, Holly, Bree, Alex, and Thomas play a very important role in helping Quinn make major decisions concerning Henry. At her workplace, she has to deal with ‘Boring Brady’, Stacey Moriarty who fears that Quinn might take over her position as the evening news anchor, and an unexpected new boss, Henry, who could be the cause of her success or failure for the rest of her life due to some of his past experiences and secrets. 

The reader gets to walk with the main character through her journey to self-discovery. Quinn’s habitual self-talk is perhaps one of the most beautiful things that the reader will enjoy while reading this book. The themes of how to overcome bullying, how to make one’s voice count, and the balance between career and family make this book very realistic. For readers who are in a quest for true happiness, “Just a Girl” sheds some much-needed light on how to achieve such a goal. The storyline is captivating and the scenes are developed in a manner that enables the reader to be fully engaged in the life of the main characters. Ms. Monson’s ability to sculpt the characters seamlessly adds to the tasteful flavor of Quinn’s journey!

JM Lareen