Just For Fun

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Star rugby player Nic Wilkinson is focused.  First, on getting New Zealand to the championships,  second, on preparing for life after rugby.  He wasn't counting on life throwing him a curve ball.  


Emma Martins, a young beauty he met once during a vacation of fun in Fiji, has turned up with a most unexpected revelation. What's most surprising is how he discovers his heart hasn't truly forgotten about her and he is willing to throw caution to the wind and sacrifice some of the security he was preparing for.


Emma and Nic have  the type of relationship which is commonly used in contemporary romance; however, it is nonetheless inviting to the reader.  The subject of a sport celebrity in an exotic setting is also very appealing.  Both characters do take awhile to tell their stories, making the general storyline a little slow to really get going.  Once the reader has had an opportunity to warm up to Nic, though, the intense desire between he and Emma will have one’s temperature reaching new highs! Their love scenes are borderline erotic which may or may not appeal to all readers. The heart-wrenching moments between them are also just as powerful.  There is definitely more to this love story than what first meets the eye!  All in all, this is a captivating read, taking the reader on a quick trip to New Zealand then igniting the senses!


Margaret Faria