Just A Fling

Katherine Grace

Dawn is proving her worth with a local New York City law firm. Until her bar exam results are in, she’s got to keep up the long hours and grueling requests. When a new client is visiting the office, she’s totally floored while realizing one individual present is her ‘summer fling’ from last year while she was in England for a summer internship. Dawn truly thought Callan Marlowe could be her ‘one’ – until he wasn’t. 

Callan owns a successful solar company, and unbeknownst to Dawn, has a past that still haunts him, which has led him to build walls that no one can tear down. Can they work together on this newest project? Is there conflict with their work and personal relationship? One more question… do you believe in fate?

Oh emmm GEE! Ms. Grace has an amazing multilayered drama that peels back one layer at a time. This debut book has so many feels that readers will surely be swept into the romance and pains that come with it. The protagonists are both committed and successful in their careers, and have a hearty past that surfaces a year later – this being the springboard to rekindling their relationship that fate – and maybe a few supporting cast – have brought together. The details of England drop readers right in the thick of it. Traveling back in the past to explain parts of the book were creatively developed. The tragedy of loss that Callen endured is truly heart felt, his progress through healing will bring on the tears. Ms. Grace crafted a treat, and readers should be on the lookout for what works come next from her! 

Viola Robbins