Just Can’t Fall for the Enemy (A Four Seasons Park Sweet Romantic Comedy)

Sasha Hart

Nature is just what Sophie loves, it’s her vocation. She is at home in the national forest that is filled with wildlife and botany she loves. When she finds out the handsome man who flirted with her after a failed first date has a travel channel on YouTube, she’s determined to get him out of town as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, he’s so well known that fans flock around him, often damaging the beautiful small town featured in an episode. Sophie’s boss, however, knowing how well she knows the town and the forest puts her in charge of the visitor’s tour. Add to that the upcoming anniversary of her parent’s deaths, and she’s scrambling to keep life on an even keel.

The books in this series are sweet romantic comedies, and readers who enjoy Hallmark movies will love this one. Sophie becomes memorable in the first scene, which features her first date with a man her grandmother wanted her to date. Tanner is a witness to her colossal takedown and, despite her protests, pays for her dinner. There’s magic from the moment they meet, and readers will enjoy Sophie’s exploits to be sure Tanner doesn’t enjoy being in Huckleberry Creek. Along with an enchanting story of blossoming love are the beautiful descriptions of trees, flowers and waterfalls. The two characters are driven by their views of life—she hides to avoid problems; he stays on the move to outrun his problems. For readers, it’s a fun romp.

Leah Neale