Just Add Mischief (An Everly Falls Novel, Book 2)

Heather B. Moore

Getting away from it all seems logical to Brandy Kane after ending her engagement. Her mother is furious that Brandy is moving to a remote cabin. It’s a compromise because Brandy wanted to move out of town. She just wants a place to be alone. Ian Hudson, her unexpected neighbor, is not happy with the new situation either. Reclusive and intensely private, he moved to the woods himself for the solitude, his only disturbance occasional hikers. Now, that has changed. Still, it’s not Brandy who brings problems, it’s her nosey, noisy family. Two lonely people seeking escape from the pain of heartache cannot avoid helping each other. They fall into an easy camaraderie until danger lurks in the woods surrounding their homes.

The second book in this series, “Just Add Mischief” doesn’t disappoint, and it stands well alone. It’s the perfect companion for a cozy day of reading. The story brings readers into the lives of two people betrayed by broken engagements and friendships. Everly Falls is an idyllic setting to escape town gossips and kindle a new romance that begins with a reluctant friendship. Their friendship is helped along by Ian’s very friendly dog. Duke’s barks usually warn that he’s happy to see whoever is visiting. When the past interferes with the present, the newly formed duo work together to solve the issues that arise in both their lives. Though the story is somewhat predictable, there is an edge of suspense added to it that heightens the romance. All you need is love and a little mischief.

Leah Neale