Julia’s Wish (Wish #4)

She loves her job, her quiet life, and reading slow-burn romance novels, but Julia Wall’s biological clock is ticking and she is losing her sight. Wanting to create a family, Julia puts her plans in motion and visits a progressive sperm bank, where she meets Emilo Thompson. Emilo is trying to juggle his newfound family status with his job as lawyer for the sperm bank and now his dream girl is sitting across the desk from him desperate for a baby. Julia thinks she has everything figured out and Emilio, and his nieces do not really fit into her carefully constructed plans, but knowing what you want and finding what you need are two very different things.
This contemporary romance is robust and wonderfully different! The strong characters both have issues that are completely opposite and their coming together seems to stay in the just ‘friends’ stage while Julia pursues her goals. Julia courageously sets her plans in motion, which is very inspiring, but at the same time she is completely blind to the possibilities right in front of her, which keeps feelings turbulent throughout the story. Lots of intense emotions flow from the pages as Emilio and Julia get to know each other. The kids are lovable characters that steal readers’ hearts and the author ensures the children get their input, emotions and wants across as well. This story sets a steady pace that keeps readers completely engaged. It is about life…real life, wants, dreams and of course falling in love, which guarantees readers experience all the lifelike feelings of this couple’s heartwarming journey to happily ever after.
E.L. Hurley