A Joyful Break, Dreams of Plain Daughters, Book One


Setting: Fields Corners, Ohio, in the Amish Country.  Rachel has come to a crossroads in her young life. She is now of age and can marry Peter after she becomes a member of the church. This is the future she has always wanted for herself... Isn't it? Then why is this such a difficult decision for her to make? Ever since her mother died, Rachel has harbored harsh feelings towards her father. She feels he is partially to blame for the delayed medical help that could have saved her mother.  She must now learn to take the steps to resolve these feelings and questions before she makes the decisions that will determine the course of her life.

This is a very sweet story of faith and commitment! It is written clearly and with great respect toward the Amish faith. The author has also incorporated some Amish vocabulary in the writing of the story to give the reader a flavor for their hard working, ordered way of life. It is a shame that the reader never really gets to delve deeper into the book. This is possibly because the characters in the story sit very simply on the page as the story unfolds. They seem to have no depth of personality beyond their obvious Amish characteristics. Their feelings seem to be there without the complexity and form that would have made this book more a rich, spiritual and truly satisfying read. Still for an easy, sweet look into the life and decisions of this interesting people, it’s a nice choice.


Beth Chamberlin