Jordon's Battle


Alaina Howard walks into work one morning to discover she has a new co-worker.  Fortunately, he is tall, blond and very handsome!  But he’s also brought his dog to work – which she at first finds rather strange – until she learns it is his service dog.  As she starts to train this new co-worker to help her with their website, she can see no obvious reason why Jordan would need a service dog, but is too shy to ask him about it.  She wants to understand because so far, everything about Jordan is very appealing.  Jordan is also shy and doesn’t like to explain, but he really likes Alaina, so finds the courage to ask Alaina out on a date.  Will he feel comfortable enough on the date to explain his dog Abe? 
This short story explores Jordan’s unseen disability that contributes to hourly and daily struggles. It also gives one an insight into what someone suffers when dealing with PTSD.  It conveys a poignant commentary on not judging others by first impressions but allowing them a chance to prove themselves and what they can do.  This is a great story – carefully crafted and very well written!  The only complaint is that one is left wishing the author would have explored Alaina and Jordan’s stories in more depth.  The brevity of the story left so much richness untapped!

Lynne Coyer