Jockeying for You


Ryder is a very efficient female horse trainer and her philosophy is to spare the rod. She was once a jockey, but her first time out in a race that counted she was in an accident that nearly cost her her life. Since then, she has stuck to training for those few people willing to take a chance on a female trainer. Jake has just bought Handsome Dancer, a horse that lives up to his name in appearance but who is known for losing races. His father is furious with him, but Jake somehow knows that Handsome will be a winner with the right trainer. He hires Ryder and before he knows it, he has fallen for her. Can he ask the woman he loves to jockey his horse when the very thought of it sends her into a panic?

At last, a love story for those who adore horses! Ms. Hoff describes the background so well that the reader is transported to the scene in the stables at the Belmont race track. One hears the snorting of the horses as they snuffle through their hay, eating their evening meal and sees the staff going about their daily chores.  Horse terminology does get very technical at times and could be confusing to people who aren’t so familiar with the anatomy of the animal. Secondary characters, Barney, Dina, and Steve, just to name a few, remain flat throughout the story. Ryder and Jake are brilliant characters whose personalities shine through. A beautiful love story, "Jockeying for You" proves that love can conquer all.

Belinda Wilson