Jesse’s Girl


Tim O’Malley returns to his home town after being gone for more than eight years. He has family to visit but also hopes to see his first love, Dorothy Whitaker. One of his first stops is the cemetery where his best friend Jesse was laid to rest. Tim stepped aside when Jesse wanted to date Dorothy, and he tried to set him straight many times when Jesse was going down a bad path.  Ultimately, Tim tried to save his life but failed. The entire small town of Skitter Lake, Ohio held Tim responsible for Jesse’s death and since they were both 17 years old at the time, Tim’s parents thought it best to move and give them a new place to start over. The tragedy that took place was not something that the community would easily forgive or forget.  Tim came back to Skitter Lake for his soul mate and he was not going back to California without her.


Ms. Chaffin writes of a charming small town where all the residents know everybody’s business. Great detail is used to explain the locations and buildings taking readers back to 1965, all done with nostalgic charm.  There were some editing errors along the way, but the plot and characters are well-balanced in this tragic story.  Many readers will relate to the circumstances that are relevant to modern time. The story shows true friends who take care of one another and true love that finds a way to survive and thrive. A feel-good story where loves conquers all!


Julie Caicco