Jarod’s Heart (King Brothers Stories #2)


After his ex-wife left him for her drug dealer, Jarod King has sworn off relationships and generally ignored women entirely, preferring to stick to his job as sheriff and eliminate drugs from Timbisha County. Unfortunately for Jarod, his past is about to come back to haunt him and if he can stop worrying about Lauren Lockwood, his secretary and a family friend, maybe he’ll be able to handle it. Lauren has been in love with Jarod for years, and now he seems to be waking up to her existence. However, is Jarod actually beginning to return her feelings, or is he confusing needing her help for love? And can they protect their hearts when drug dealers are determined to run their town and will do anything it takes to keep the sheriff out of the way?


A cute contemporary romance, this is the second book in the “King Brothers” series. As there is some overlap with first book, this series should definitely be read in order to avoid confusion. As the story itself goes, this is a typical "boy realizes girl is now a woman" story made entertaining by the cast of family and friends thrown in to provide laughs, love, and support. Although the conflict is somewhat predictable and the action is mostly off screen, there is a bit of danger to spice things up and some sweet clean romance thrown in, which makes this a great read for any contemporary lover.


Sarah E. Bradley