Jaded Hearts


INTERRACIAL:   Following a job offer as an Image Consultant, Jade Spencer leaves her long-time boyfriend behind and heads off to New York City.  Soon after arriving she meets a handsome Latino businessman named Julian Garza at his nightclub, where he tries to pick her up.  She demurs and runs away.  Later, they meet at another one of his nightclubs, and have sex in the bathroom while people are lined up outside waiting to get in.  Thus begins a highly sexual affair, in which Julian dominates Jade sexually.

Julian is called out of the country on business for an extended length of time; and when Jade begins to spend time with the sexy lawyer John Benson on a work project, they immediately start a relationship.  John’s pursuit of Jade is a bit more discreet and subtle than that of Julian. They embark on an intense and kinky association in which Jade is in control and tells John what to do sexually.  Soon, however, Julian comes home; and things come to a head in Jade’s relationship with John.


When ‘Jaded Hearts’ focuses on John and Jade; it is highly derivative and sensual.  When the book concentrates on Julian and Jade, however, there is nothing between the couple but lust, and absolutely nothing to explain their obsession for each other.  The near constant sex always has a sleazy feel to it, especially since nothing else really happens in the book. The story goes way over the top, trying desperately hard to be trendy, by continually dropping brand-names. Although there are a few interesting parts; overall the story is trite and shallow, containing little to recommend it.  With more character building and more focus on the relationship outside the bedroom, this book could have had an opportunity to shine.


Faith Turner