Reviews - Contemporary

Rocky Road

COMEDY:  Ancy (Nancy Ann) Robinson has her life under control and everything falling into place just like she wants it.  She has a gorgeous muscle-bound boyfriend who has just proposed (okay, so he's accident prone of late).

The Heart Knows

Lauren, widowed mother of two, realizes that it is finally her time to be her own person. Upon discovering that her deceased husband spent their life savings she decides a new start is in order. She returns to Seattle and purchases an established catering company, complete with established clients.

In the continuation of the Darren Braid series, the Hero hypnotist is preparing to publish a line of erotic hypnosis CDs. Through a business contact he meets Liza Hill and her boyfriend/porn producer Scott Sunderland. Liza is a meek waif of a girl, but the producer wants her to become a dominatrix for his next movie.


Haven Jameson reinvents herself after her husband dies and creates a new future for herself and her best friend when she builds a luxury spa.  The property next door is for sale and she wants it, but so does a developer who could put her out of business. 

Crazy Sexy Love

The first time Callie and Sam were in a relationship, they were four years old.  A year and a half later, Sam broke it off when it became apparent that Callie was one of the smartest girls in their class, and he couldn