It Toll For Thee


Staff Sergeant Dan Ross is in an impossible, though not uncommon predicament - stuck in the middle of Afghanistan with the duty of protecting men he cares deeply for while required to take orders from a superior who thinks only of his own career.  It all comes to a head when the base is attacked from within and most of his buddies are cut down. Dan is sent home, barely alive.


Knowing he must finish the job of stopping those who were responsible, Dan works until he is able to return but at what price justice?  Where does justice cease and revenge take over?  Dan must discover his own peace as he fights for those who no longer have a voice.


From the very first page of this enlightening story, the author descriptively writes of life as a soldier in the middle of war so perfectly on point that the reader is completely emerged and living the experience!  Unless one has firsthand knowledge or is intimately aware, it is impossible to tell if the experiences are accurate but they sure are riveting!  The first person, present tense POV is a challenge to read and comes across awkwardly at times, and the unrealistic events that transpire as the book continues become a bit far-fetched against the gritty realism of the first half. Still, it is a very good read that exposes all areas of war and its secrets.


Ruth Lynn Ritter