It Started With a Sunset, A Sweet Small Town Romance (Love Started Book 1)


Do opposites really attract? Summer and Brock find out for themselves. Summer Graham is like a ray of sunshine to all those around her. She’s a spunky, fun loving, up for anything, people person, admissions recruiter at the local college. Brock McMillan is not any of that. Brock is a list maker, a perfectionist, and a planner who happens to work in the same admissions office as Summer. And they disagree on just about everything - even the recruitment program that they both are set to plan and facilitate. A lighthearted disagreement turns the next Aquamoose Tracks recruitment weekend into a bet! As they work together to pull off a successful, though adventuresome weekend, the question remains to be answered. Can Brock and Summer accept each other enough to see if opposites really do attract?

Meg Easton has penned a story for all romantics at heart, and even for those who think they aren’t! Ms. Easton’s writing brings the reader to swoon with lines like, “that smile seemed to write itself on his heart”. Readers will find themselves sighing with delight and joy as the pages turn. The author brings the reader along on a tale that shows there are two sides to every story, and how two people can come to the same conclusion from different angles, especially where love is concerned. Some readers may find the story drawn out and lengthy, while some will find it just right. All readers will find themselves lingering in the book until they know if opposites really do attract and immediately go to the next book!

Heather Kroll