It Started with a Note


Picture this: A boy comes to stay at a farm for nine months and must do chores just like all the other children, and later one discovers what the boy must have had to endure to do even basic chores. Avery Parks got to know Nicolas Servais during a foreign academic exchange program when he stayed with her family at the Parks Family farm in South Dakota. When he left, he extended an offer to Avery that if she ever wanted to visit Belgium, he would offer her his grandfather’s flat during her visit. Ten years pass and now Avery, working for Lake Baldwin State University, needs to add some flavor to her rather normal way of life. Belgium calls. Will she heed the call?

It’s not just Avery’s family who are rooting for her to make that leap… readers will also be fully invested in her making this bold move. The author’s wonderful ability to create fun and lively characters comes into play here. The reader is nothing but a willing captive of the alluring storyline as it unfolds its wings and flies into the picturesque world of two swoon-worthy characters who grow to love each other in an amazing manner. The unearthing of Nicolas’ true identity is everything a curious reader would want to indulge in. How Meg Easton manages to pull all of Europe together in one enticing scene is exquisite. The ending leaves quite a chunk of the plot out the bandwagon. However, who wouldn’t love to watch the universe play cupid in one of the most wonderful love stories?

JM Lareen