It Started With a Glance (Love Started Book 3)

Elle Markle is the daughter of a rock star who grew up in the limelight, and with the understanding that celebrities weren’t always to be trusted. For that reason, she’s vowed to never become involved with one. Declan Davenport is an unusual celebrity with nearly as many issues from his past as Elle has from hers. And he’s also reluctant to give away his heart. When Elle is assigned to do a day-in-the-life expose, she realizes ignoring the handsome Declan may prove to be difficult, but she’s willing to try.
‘It Started With a Glance’ by Meg Easton is a sweet, lightly inspirational romance dealing with the challenges of two individuals who are no strangers to the limelight. However, the author has thrown in an interesting twist to the story. Declan isn’t your ordinary celebrity. He’s a scientist, a man of unusual knowledge, who just also happens to be knock-down, drop dead gorgeous; a fact that makes him all that much harder to resist. The supporting characters in this story also lend a nice touch with the way they help guide both Elle and Declan through their romance. A nudge here, a nudge there, and pretty soon the fellow who thought he’d never get caught is smitten. And, the woman who’d sworn off celebrity romances has a change of heart. The main characters’ ability to confide in one another is a wonderful show of trust, and a growing and strong relationship. If one enjoys clean and wholesome romance with an appropriate dose of humor, ‘It Started With a Glance’ is definitely one for you!
N.E. Kelley