Issued (Navy Seals of Little Creek #1)


After her former best friend murders her father and burns her house to the ground, Taya is determined to disappear. She volunteers for a military spouse-matching program where she hopes having a Navy SEAL for a husband will keep her safe. Jim Stephens has already had one disastrous marriage. Unfortunately for him, his commanding officer never accepts no for an answer, and Jim needs to salvage his career after a combat mistake put him in leadership cross hairs. He only has to last a year before asking for an annulment, but, while neither is prepared to open their hearts, their chemistry might lead to the bedroom. If only Taya’s past had not come knocking...

A debut novel for a promising series, “Issued” is an investment worth making. Despite the drama preceding the story, “Issued” starts slow, forcing the reader to slog through until the halfway point. Both leads show physical and mental scars from past traumas, and, while it gives them depth, the first half is entirely dedicated to Jim’s self-loathing, their urgency for secrecy about their pasts, and their mutual lust for each other. If the reader can make it through these tedious scenes, they are treated to character growth as well as a satisfying relationship. Though their relationship begins with physical attraction, once they are able to move past their issues, it grows into one of mutual respect with both sweet and erotic scenes between the leads. The characters never truly lose their flaws, but they learn to make it work together. Ultimately, “Issued” is a novel that takes an interesting concept and manages to weave it into a frustrating yet rewarding story. 

Arec Rain