Island Seduction (The Romantic Suite Edition) Adrianna DeCole


Dr. Jordan Brentwood is a medical resident in Boston, who decides he needs to get away from everything before his father gets married for the fifth time.  Renee Carlson is living in St. Thomas to escape a broken heart. The two of them meet when Renee almost runs over Jordan in the parking lot at the airport. It is love at first sight for Jordan. He gets her phone number at the site of the near-accident and from there, the chase is on! After some cajoling, Renee agrees to go out with the wealthy Jordan. Renee has feelings for him but refuses to acknowledge them - she is too afraid of getting hurt. Until he met Renee, Jordan was the typical playboy, using women, and then tossing them aside.

"Island Seduction" is a sweet romance, easily read in an afternoon. The characters are believable, including the secondary characters. The description of the Virgin Islands makes one feel as though they are right there enjoying the sand between their toes and hearing the surf come in. It is refreshing reading a novel where the characters accept one another so wholeheartedly for who they are, regardless of any faults that they have. This novel is very straightforward; it has very little in the way of plot complications, just fun, fun, and fun!

Belinda Wilson