An Irish Promise (An Emerald Isle Romance #2)


Rachel Ford has returned to Kilbrook to make those who destroyed her life answer for the hurt they caused her and her family. She meets Finn Mackenzie, an Australian actor who is in Kilbrook to help his aunt with a legal matter. The attraction between them is undeniable but Rachel is afraid that if Finn finds out the reason she’s in Kilbrook, she will lose his respect.


"An Irish Promise" is a skillfully crafted and a powerful story exploring the consequences of how one’s past actions reverberates through time to haunt one’s future. The characters are multi-faceted and the author makes them go to the wringer, particularly in respect of an incident that becomes the fulcrum of the story, a twist that is so unexpected that the reader might reel at the revelation. The reader will be torn between cheering for Rachel and sympathizing with some of those who made her life miserable. Revenge against those who have been allowed off the hook for so long is sweet, but at what cost? The cliché that it is a dish best served cold is more a dish with unexpected outcomes that will affect everyone in Kilbrook. Including Rachel. 


A very powerful story of love, revenge, responsibility, and irony. And, of secrets that nearly destroy everyone if not for their strength and resolve to pick up the pieces and move on. And forgive. This is a tale that will stay with the reader long after the story has ended!


M.P. Ceja