Irish Magic

Susan B.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Kate Carnahan is a struggling writer working on her second book when her fiancé breaks their engagement. He had been the hero in her current book, but is no longer hero-worthy. Kate wishes on a 4-leaf clover, and then meets Bradley Flynn, the CEO of a PR firm who is half-human and half-leprechaun.  She trusts him and ends up traveling with him to Ireland.  

Dr. Michael Walshe is ready to pop the question when he catches his actress girlfriend in bed with another man. Essie O’Brian is his dear geriatric friend who is going to Ireland, but needs assistance with the journey. Essie has magic ability and is a famous matchmaker in Ireland.  Since Michael is being stalked by paparazzi because of his ex, he wants to get away and offers to help Essie get safely to Ireland.

This is a cute story with some entertaining sections. There are parts where the pacing is uneven and the story drags slightly. The main characters are very likeable and the author has clearly given each one distinct motivations, even if the motivation is somewhat contrived for Kate. She lives in highly populated New York City, yet travels all the way to Ireland to search for a new man to be the model for her hero. Kate conveniently and consistently runs into Michael everywhere she goes in Ireland, and Michael continues to rescue her every time she needs it. The supporting characters are delightful! They add depth and interest to the story. Every person should have an Essie and a Bradley in their life!  Those two characters brought a sense of joy and lightness to the story in several places.     

Carey Sullivan