Intomesee: In Search of a Passionate Life


CHICK-LIT:  Aimee is a doctor, attempting to recapture the sexual revolution of her college days. She begins by seducing OB/GYN Preston. Things are going well until she yells at her computer monitor, and suddenly she is Skyping with her maiden aunt who is in Africa on safari. Suddenly, the aunt is rushed by a rogue elephant and the screen goes blank. Aimee blames herself for her aunt’s death and she refuses to let this go. After some coercing, Aimee goes out with Matador, a man who has just released Intomesee, the woman’s equivalent to Viagra. He introduces her to a wilder sex scene than she has ever imagined.

“Intomesee" is one of the most unique stories this reviewer has ever read. It touts a female sex drug that women have been asking for for years. There is a wide assortment of characters ranging from the rather naïve Aimee, to the depraved Matador. Sadly, the characters have little depth. All are egocentric and non-sympathetic even when life deals them a bad hand. Several editorial errors need to be cleaned up to make this an easier read. Considering all the insane situations Aimee gets herself into, she handles her emotions well. The comedy of the elephant in the room in almost every scene is very brilliantly worked. “Intomesee" has some bizarre twists that keeps one wondering what will happen next in Aimee’s chaotic life.

Belinda Wilson