Internship With The Devil (Shut Up and Kiss Me Book 1)


Grace Turner has the chance of a lifetime when it comes to her career. Brock Anderson is one of the best, and working with him could pave the way for her. But he is a difficult man to work for. An ex NFL player, he knows what she is doing, and interning for him could teach her so much. The more she gets to know him, the more she comes to understand that his attitude is a shield he has put up to mask the grief he is feeling. Grace knows a lot about grief and decides to try and help her boss. But she cannot deny her attraction to him that is becoming difficult to ignore. 

Brooding ex-athlete, check. Sassy yet thoughtful heroine, check. Jacqueline Snowe has written a lovely novel that ticks all the boxes for contemporary romance. The plot is even, and there is always the question of what’s going on with Brock that will have readers begging for the question to be answered. The book could have done with another run through for grammar and there were some aspects where more description could have brought more depth. Despite this, there is a quality to this book that makes it the perfect read for a chilly fall night in front of the fire or cuddled under a blanket. A sweet, sexy beginning to the “Shut Up and Kiss Me” series!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick