Serena Thomas hasn’t had the easiest time lately. Her Grandma, the only true family she had, died and left a lot of debts behind. She is working minimum wage jobs, desperately trying to stay ahead. And failing. When a woman approaches her with a job offer, as outlandish as it seems she has no choice but to accept. Being an escort is not something she ever considered, but it hasn't turned out the way she imagined. She is paid very handsomely to be a bartender and spend every night in her attractive boss’s bed, chastely. Definitely unusual.

Linc, the aforementioned boss, is immediately enchanted by Serena. But can they overcome their lifestyles, jobs and painful histories and earn happiness with each other?

Captivating main characters are very important in a romance novel. While Serena and Linc are perfectly good characters, they don’t stand out enough to really shine. Serena is painfully naïve at times and a very good person at her core. Linc is best described by his intensity. He puts 100% of himself in everything he does, relationships included. Some of the side characters are a bit problematic, since it seems they have sharply defined roles from which they don’t stray too much: the supportive best friend, the nemesis... Also, the way that men just seem to look at Serena and can’t resist her does seem a bit overdone. On the other hand, Linc and Serena’s explosive relationship provides a sizzling read!

Ana Smith