Ineligible Bachelor

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Frederika McAllister (Freddy) has a brilliant plan. A plan where Logan Gabriel would finally realize that she is the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, it isn’t wholly successful, and now she’s stuck in reality show hell, with her task being to choose a perfect girlfriend for Logan. Like her unrequited love isn’t enough, now she’s got to watch him date and flirt with other women!
Logan isn’t too pleased either. He never actually signed up for this nonsense, and now he’s stuck in some mansion for six weeks and his job is suffering. True, usually he wouldn’t mind the company (who would mind spending time with six gorgeous women), but something just feels off... his best friend, Freddy, is looking very alluring! Falling for her is definitely against the rules.
 An intriguing idea for a plot – a reality show where our hero is the prize, the heroine is not one of the contestants but a judge of a sorts! It creates an unusual dynamic between characters. However, the realization of the plot has some flaws, the biggest of which is the way too tidy ending. Some of the things Freddy did in her quest also pose a problem. She was petty and hurtful at times, making it hard to really sympathize and root for her.  The saving grace is Logan, who is a great guy - a bit blind when feelings are in question, but then again, who isn’t? Overall, the story, with its unique twist, reads smoothly and leaves the reader satisfied!

Ana Smith