An Inconvenient Love


Ordinary Englishwoman Sophia Stevens turned her back on a painful childhood and rebuilt her life from scratch. She still has a long way to go to achieve her dreams of becoming an interior designer and gaining financial security, and that includes helping her brother through college.  At her secretarial job she meets gorgeous and kind-hearted Italian businessman Luca Castellioni.  To her surprise, he asks her to marry him. He needs a bride who will help with his business and serve as his hostess, including discouraging the wives of his business contacts, who always hit on him. Sophia never expected to marry a rich Italian man for money, but it’s a way to make her life better.  Before she knows it, she’s in love with her husband, and realizes that she wants more than just being his convenient wife. Instead, she wants his very inconvenient love.

This is an enjoyable contemporary romance with a fairy tale come to life vibe--- downtrodden maiden finding her Prince Charming.  Luca definitely meets princely expectations, his heart is as good as his looks. His only flaw is his obsession with his business, leading to conflict as Sophia is left feeling lonely--he’s always working and fails to see her need for significance.  Sophia is very sweet, strong and resilient, but also loving.  The reader will root for Sophia and Luca to acknowledge their mutual love for each other.  While the writing is superficial at times, “An Inconvenient Love” is a satisfying contemporary romance.

Danielle Hill