Impulse: Infinitus Billionaire

E. B.

Alexander ‘Lex’ Fitzgerald promised his father he’d ensure the happiness and success of his siblings, and Lex has put his own life on hold to bring that promise to fruition.   When a business deal has him seeking a temporary bride, Lex seeks out actresses to fill the role.  What Lex didn’t count on was stuntwoman Jillian Finnegan jumpstarting his need to ditch the actresses and cast her as his leading lady. 

Whether jumping out of a plane or doing wheelies on her motorcycle, Jillian’s a natural and lives life on the edge.  When her family runs into a dire need for financial help, Jillian can’t begin to orchestrate enough capital to cover the tab…until Lex makes her an offer she can’t refuse.  

Smart, sexy read on steroids!   While contemporary romance staged on a movie set is a stand-alone installment, it is also the unstated continuation of the Fitzgerald Family Book Series.  As tension unfurls in this story, readers will be hard pressed not to see the steam rise off the pages.  Lex and Jillian are strong characters, masterfully depicted.  While some readers might find the “Billionaire” themed plot line prolific in today’s market, there is enough chemistry between the characters to keep it from being anything other than a great read.  This fast-paced, action roller coaster will take readers breaths away!

Roberta Gordon