Imperfect Love Story


Chloe Warren is alone in a parking lot and her car won’t start. She calls the garage, which sends Wyatt Beech on the call. Immediately taken with one another, they begin dating. After ten months, Chloe finds she is pregnant at age eighteen. The day her mother discovers her pregnancy test, her parents send her away to Denver to college. She has no way to contact Wyatt as she is banished to Denver for five years until her mother’s fiftieth birthday party. Now back home for the first time in five years, she discovers Wyatt is still in town. Chloe knows she must talk to him and introduce his daughter to him. But how can she find the courage when she feels his seething hatred?

“Imperfect Love Story” is skillfully written from two perspectives: the past and the present. There is a lot of backstory and this is an effective way to tell it. Most interesting is seeing the characters as innocent teenagers morph into independent young adults. Chloe blossoms from being her parent’s doormat to being a resolute woman determined to fight for her happiness. Wyatt does not have the depth expected for such an important character. He is mostly seen in the background of the tale. The story is a typical “girl gets pregnant and is sent away to prevent embarrassment” tale, but has several twists that takes it outside of the norm. “Imperfect Love Story” has its emotional moments and is difficult to put down.

Belinda Wilson