Imperfect Love


Lauren and Paul appear to be a loving and compatible couple living in Denver, Colorado. Paul is an attorney at his father's law firm and Lauren is a middle school English teacher. Paul works many long hours and does not come home until very late the night that Lauren wants to surprise him and share her big news. When she does finally get the chance, Paul says hes excited about having a child, however does not show to the first doctor visit. This is the beginning of the end of their relationship. Lauren decides to go stay with her Mom in Durango and have her baby there and start over. Will she have the energy and confidence to start again and raise her child alone?


Ms. Talley has a wonderful way of telling this Imperfect Lovestory. There are many facets to this little gem of a warm and loving family that take care of their own. The characters are true to life and could be anyones mother, sister or high school crush! The geographical facts are fun and the medical background is obviously told from firsthand experience. It is a bit predictable however. Still, the subject matter of a child entering the world with Down's Syndrome is delicate and very well thought out. There are a few minor editing and proofing errors but nothing to draw readers away from this warm and gentle tale of living life when everything is not always perfect.


Julie Caicco