If I follow My Dreams (Courage of Krysset Book 3)


Addalyn Reed is tired of living someone else’s dreams and trying to make her parents happy. She’s stuck between the place of wanting to realize her own dreams, and being afraid to try. The small mountain town of Krysset has touched something within her, and she’s determined to make a life for herself there. Aidan Blue is getting out of prison after serving a sentence for protecting a disabled veteran from being attacked. Heading home, Aidan has no idea what’s waiting for him or what to do with his life, yet winds up finding a woman who takes his breath away. Can the woman desperately trying to forge her own path in life and the musically-inclined ex-con find common ground? Or will their dreams take them down different paths and tear them apart?

An achingly sweet, touching and absolutely delightful read! Readers will be pulled into this spellbinding tale from the first page, eagerly turning the page to find out what happens next. Both Addy and Aidan are interesting characters, their past hurts and mistakes shaping who they are and the decisions they make. Their chemistry is sweet yet sizzling from the get-go, making readers wish for an Aidan of their own! A villainous ex-girlfriend adds another facet and some believable drama. The ending does feel a little abrupt, but overall, a marvelous story of second chances, reaching for dreams, and finding love when you least expect it. “If I Follow My Dreams” is completely un-put-down-able!

Piper Valentine