If I Didn’t Have You


Lydia has a dream when she is 12 years old that reveals her future husband. Fast forward to adulthood and she does meet, fall in love and marry Liam, the man from her dream. He gives her a beautiful son and they live a happy married life. Lydia is in school to finish her physician’s assistant program and working part time. She has a core group of friends from early childhood. Her best friend Greyson is her rock and always there for her.  When tragedy hits home for both of them, it has each of them seeing the other in a different light. No one ever wants to ruin a great friendship for the discovery of feelings…but how can they deny the love that is taking over?


Keep your tissue box handy for this one. The true depth and emotions that Ms. Larson conveys will throw the flood gates open! The levels of love, loss and healing are exquisitely written, drawing readers along for an emotional ride. The repetitiveness of the expressed feeling between Grayson and Lydia were a bit overdone. Their feelings are apparent throughout the story without being repeatedly reminded, so readers may find it to be a little much at times.  Connecting with long term ties of childhood friendships through Ms. Larson's writing is an easy task. Those tight friendships pull readers into the character’s circle. The flow and subject matter of the story are easy to follow and will keep readers engaged to the very end. True friendship that develops into a loving romance is a topic readers never tire of! 


Julie Caicco