I Don't Want To Talk About It (Yorkshire Romances #5)


Winter Gregory had a surprise hit book about 1700s gravestones from all over England and the stories behind them—some of it fictional, some of it based on patterns in the stone. Not feeling the second book is coming along while she is in London, she moves north into a tiny town in Yorkshire, hoping to reclaim her muse. Her landlady's granddaughter, Scarlett, is being raised by her Uncle Alex, a muscular working-man with a stutter who turns Winter's eye after a bad romantic break-up with her cerebral editor, Dan. However, as her journey goes on, Winter learns that sometimes reclaiming a muse isn't about finding things, but letting things go.


Written in the first person, the interesting twist in "I Don't Want to Talk About It" is that in each chapter, social media posts and emails add depth not normally seen in first-person narratives. Winter is a complex character trying to figure life out on her own, but as with real life, other people and situations often push her outside her comfort zone. Some scenes and dialogue are stilted and clunky, but more often than not things progress smoothly. Dan and Alex are decent men, though only Alex feels three dimensional. They are total opposites, though either would compliment Winter’s journey to put herself back together, albeit in different ways. This wonderful story about letting go, moving on, finding yourself, and the lengths the mind will go to protect the body is well worth the time. 


Julie York