I Do- Or Do I?


Cassie suffered a major heart break when her fiancé Jared broke their engagement to pursue a career in photography. After finally getting back on her feet Cassie says yes to a marriage proposal from a reliable, big-name lawyer named Timothy. Unfortunately, Timothy comes with a controlling mother who wants an extravagant wedding for her son. When Sylvia uses her connections to book the exclusive ID images for the wedding photos, the last thing Cassie expects is to find Jared as her photographer! Suddenly, her article for tips and advice for Brides to Be takes a drastic turn as her real life leaks into the article and readers are rooting for Cassie to choose Jared over Timothy. Should Cassie give up her dreams and her reliable fiancé for the man who inspires passion but broke her heart? With her future and article on the line, the question is “I Do…or Do I”?

A cute contemporary romance, “I Do…or Do I?” has humor and plenty of sparks as the plot circles a heroine with two hot guys and tons of uncertainty. While readers will discover that one romance is doomed from the start, and the ending is somewhat predictable, Cassie’s articles alone will provide plenty of humor to offset the lack of real conflict and character depth. Still, while it could have been shorter, this is a cute story with plenty of nice humorous fluff to make it a good read for a lazy afternoon.

Sarah E. Bradley