I’m Still Here

Kathryn R.

Esther Comely-Cox is a brightly burning star who has never had the opportunity to shine.  One day fate lands her in a car crash, which leads her to meet Kingston Cole (better known as O.K), a doctor who will change her life forever. The short and sweet synopsis of a complex story.

Author Kathryn R. Biel beautifully portrays the effect that bipolar disorder has on a family in her novel, creating a set of twins that live very different lives, but are never apart in their souls. Her characters are exceptionally developed, the story is remarkably well plotted, and the depth of emotional connection the reader will discover is mind blowing.

Start to finish this book is an emotional Tilt-a-Whirl. Esther is a such a dynamic woman that readers can’t help falling in love with her - wanting to protect her, wanting to clean the Ho-Ho cream out of her eyebrows. As a twin she has lived in her sister’s shadow, always eclipsed by the love everyone shows Aster; so much so that she has low self-esteem issues and major familial drama. Even so, she persevered on her own to become someone really marvelous. O.K realizes this and falls in love with her, teaching her that there is so much more to life. Theirs is not an easy journey of romance either; Ms. Biel makes her characters work for a happy ending. Readers be prepared to traverse the pitfalls with O.K. and Es every word, every page. Know that it is worth the journey, and take it.

Penelope Anne Bartotto