I’m Not Charlotte Lucas

Charlotte “Charlie” Lucas adores the Jane Austen books, particularly “Pride and Prejudice” however, she’s also terrified she’ll end up with the same fate as her namesake. When an elderly neighbor and dear friend asks Charlie to attend a charity ball with her grandson, Charlie finds herself unable to refuse. However, one look at Liam Connell and Charlie knows he’s out of her league. Swoon-worthy, rich, and with a famous ex-girlfriend, Liam is everything Charlotte dreams of, but never expects to have. Especially with a former boyfriend asking for a second chance. Except, Liam seems ready to challenge both Charlie’s fantasies and her reality and when life and fiction begin to collide, Charlie finds herself deciding if she’s meant for Charlotte Lucas’s fate or not.
A modern tale that leans heavily on Austen’s characters, this book takes a side character and gives her a boost. As a result, “I’m not Charlotte Lucas” is a combination of romance, and a journey of self-discovery all focused on Charlie. The plot is straightforward with Charlie locked in a slump, living with her parents, working in a bank, and expecting she’ll be forced to settle. Charlie fortunately figures out pretty early what her feelings are, however, she’s plagued by self-doubt and insecurities tied to her art which hinder her from moving forward without a nudge. The love triangle is minimal with most of the relationship centered on Charlie and Liam, but the focus is Charlie’s development. While the ending is predictable and Liam is mainly a foil for Charlie, the story is sweet and realistic, engrossing romance fans from start to finish and making it worth reading!
Sarah E Bradley