The Husband Games (Misfit Brides of Bliss, #1)


Bliss, Illinois is the Most Married-est Town on Earth, believe it or not.  It is also where divorcee and single mom, Natalie, is trying to keep her late mother’s bridal store running, despite being stomped on by the Queen General of Bliss, and the Knot Festival, a yearly extravaganza of marriedness: including the Husband Games. CJ Blue is back for his sister’s wedding, in the town where he and his late wife not only married, but where he won the Games that year. Natalie and CJ clashed once, and it’s bound to happen again.


Natalie has issues, some of her own making, and some not, while CJ’s problems are all his. The brief encounter, which he doesn’t remember, caused Natalie’s life to implode - though he was only the unwitting match, not the gasoline. Their wickedly humorous banter will inspire giggles and a lifetime of quotes, but their ever-present miscommunication and words left unspoken will inspire hair pulling. 


Natalie’s lack of a spinal column will drive readers crazy, and her inability to tell the Queen where to go, and live her own life, can cause tears. In one page turn, she goes from spineless and bitter to forgiving and adult, with no explanation. Throughout it all, CJ is the only sane individual, including a zany set of comic relief from their friends. His story of coming to terms with his marriage, and her death, showcases that he is the only grown up in Bliss. Everyone else is mind-bogglingly immature (though a pass is given to the four-year old). Even so, the insanity is worth every minute, and readers will want to sign up for The Husband Games themselves!


Julie York