How Not to Fall for the Wrong Guy (A Sweet and Humorous Romance)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Bex Sterling operates a successful YouTube channel. She wants to win an Eddie Award and needs to ramp up her show. One way would be to do a series of interviews with CEO — and sexy single — Roman Powell.  Roman may be of the Top 10 Young (and Single) CEO’s, but he is everything Bex does not want in a man, despite her viewers' opinions.
Roman Powell regretted the article slant in Business Success and now he is on the cover and labeled Young and Single. He doesn’t need any unwanted female attention. What he does need is to successfully promote the launch of his newest app, "Nudge Out". If he can find a way to do that without drama, he will be one happy man. Too bad it is Bex Sterling who wants to interview him. He knows for a fact she is nothing but drama, but his marketing team is pushing hard.
The humor is rich and peppered throughout this fun contemporary romance. The clear and quick dislike between Bex and Roman is palpable, and their attraction is genuine. How Bex slowly coaxes Roman out of his bubble is engaging. This could be a delightful, winsome story but for a few technical issues. First, it sorely needed more rounds of editing. The setting lacked adequate detail. Both Bex and Roman spent pages convincing themselves the other was clearly the wrong one for them. Some scenes had too many people and not enough distinction, leading to confusion. Still, the premise of this story is delightfully fun and the bones are great.
Emerson Matthews