How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  When Addison moves into town, Ian can’t believe that it’s really her… again. Addison’s aunt lived next door to Ian’s family until she passed away. Addison loved to visit and spent a lot of time there during her summer vacations as she was growing up. They had a special friendship until one summer when she didn’t come back. Now Addison has moved into the house her aunt left to her, and Ian’s dad passed away so he moved back into his parent’s house with his mom. Now that they are both back in town, Addison sees Ian all the time. Unfortunately, many of those run-ins lead her to embarrass herself while trying to be casual and inconspicuous. Both Ian and Addison have recently come out of complicated relationships and are trying to deny the feelings arising in them.

This is a cute, light romance that isn’t the normal boy meets girl story. The fact that they were friends as kids, then haven’t seen each other for years and have now been brought back together creates an intriguing storyline. The main characters are well defined with just enough of the backstory so the reader learns the history of their childhood relationship. The coincidence of both reeling from bad, recent, breakups before they meet again is a little questionable. Because the story takes place in Oregon, there are beautiful descriptions of the outdoors. The point of view switches between Addison and Ian every other chapter which allows the reader to go into each character’s mind. This is a great contemporary romance that readers will love!  

Stephanie Shaw