How To Marry a Matador


Jessica Bloom is a telecommunications expert from New York. Her expertise is the international aspect of the business, and she travels extensively for her position. Confidence in her career comes easily, but not so much in her personal life after numerous botched relationships. Flying to Madrid, she finds herself handling an acquisitions merger where she meets the handsome, green-eyed Fernando Garcia De La Vega.

Fernando runs a telecommunications business that is about to be taken over by the U.S. company for whom Jessica is employed. Fernando is a former bullfighter whom, by the age of thirty two, must find a wife in order to inherit his family’s vast wealth and property.  After a couple of shared bottles of sangria, Jessica wakes the next morning to find that she is married to a matador.

In this story, Ginny Baird weaves a sweet, romantic tale that leaves one yearning for a matador of her own! Having a matador for a hero is delightfully unique. Unfortunately, there are parts in the story that fall short. Fernando and Jessica meet during an acquisitions merger, but that part of the plot gets lost, and one never really finds out what happens to the company being taken over. There is also little backstory to the characters that would lend a deeper understanding. The sex scenes are few, short, and non-graphic but are missing the emotionality. The historical pieces of Spain are interesting and well written and Fernando is absolutely yummy!  Overall, “Married to a Matador” is an enjoyable read with just a touch of steam.
Tonya Smalley