How I Wonder What You Are


Molly has moved away from London and her past, which includes her mother and her ex-boyfriend.  While riding her horse out in the country, she stumbles upon the stark naked body of Phinn Baxter. From this ignominious beginning a great romance is realized - full of chemistry, tension and emotion.  Both Molly and Phinn keep seeing beautiful, almost magical lights on the moors. Unfortunately, it appears that no one else can see them. Then Phinn gets a job in London - for Dr. Phinneas Baxter has a PhD in astrophysics - and leaves Molly behind without even a goodbye. Is it the end of their tenuous relationship? Or is it just a trial separation?


There is a delicious amount of sexual tension throughout this novel! The characters are all well developed, each with their own set of endearing flaws. The tale flows well and is difficult to put down, and midway through the story is an unexpected plot twist. The detail in the scenery is beautifully written and the reader can easily imagine being there. There are heart-stopping scenes that have the reader sitting on the edge of the seat, waiting to see what happens next.  


"How I Wonder What You Are" is as charming as its title suggests, and well worth a look! 


Belinda Wilson