A Hotel in Bath

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British Interpol Agent Peter Riley has a risky job as part of an investigative team in Paris. He met successful artist Minola Grey in France and fell head in heels in love with her right away. Peter's profession is bothersome for her since she's seen murder and death, and he is debating leaving his career to keep her out of harm's way once and for all. They take a trip to London to spend time together before traveling to Bath to meet Peter's parents, and unsettling news of a murder puts Minola's life on the line. Will Peter be able to keep Minola safe?  When disturbing connections are discovered between the victim and Minola's work with an art gallery it could destroy their relationship for good.

This exciting, international romance is equal parts dangerous and arousing. Readers' interests will pique as they're taken on a tour through London unraveling a mystery fit for the big screen. Justes' love of travel is obvious:  she vividly describes each setting to a "T".  Unfortunately the storyline chugs along, eventually sputtering and running out of gas.  It's frustrating and puzzling because the characters sparkle, and one would think their shimmer would keep the chapters afloat. Thankfully, things pick up with a strong finish, and lovers of romance will root wholeheartedly for the happy ending!

Jaime A. Geraldi