Hot Set (Behind the Scenes Book 1)

Gillian is an absolutely phenomenal golfer, and is also passionate about writing. Her single novel hasn’t made enough to pay the bills; she writes descriptions for a clothing company for that. Her current boyfriend, who has kept their two-year relationship under wraps, is now pushed onto the latest clothing model during a golf tournament his company is hosting. Look no further for a reason to leave. Gilly’s current golf foursome includes Bobby, from a TV show currently filming episodes in Ireland, and is looking for a writer/assistant. Once she nurses back Bobby (after a rouge golf swing he takes her ball to his head) she gets invited to go work with the hottest leading Viking show.
Ms. O’Sullivan has created a lovely tribute to Ireland with “Hot Set”. The descriptors of the scenery, golf, and writing for a very popular show are portrayed well with interesting facts and folklore sprinkled in. Her characters are laugh out loud funny, and also very endearing. The very hasty romance is well defined, however still feels rushed. The constant churning that Gilly does about her ex is mentioned more than necessary. The ‘workplace’ romance is always a sticky wicket and this is no different, with lasting consequences for all. A fun way to visit Ireland and see local sites while holding on for the wild rides on the opposite side of the car and road. Overall, a beautifully written escape for those who wanderlust and yearn for a happily ever after.
Viola Robbins