Hopeful Cowboy (Hope Eternal Ranch Romance #1)


Nathanial Mulbury needs a second chance. Upon the death of his brother, Nathanial finds himself with custody of his four-year-old nephew, but he has several months left on his six-year prison term. The only place Nathanial can continue to serve his time and care for his brother’s son is Hope Eternal Ranch, a work-parole ranch contracted with the prison. The ranch should provide a safe place for Nathanial to learn to raise Connor and transition to his post-prison life, but he has no way to plan for Ginger Talbot. Ginger knows better than to develop feelings for an ex-con. After the last one she fell for nearly took the ranch, she’s determined to take advantage of the help his presence provides, but ignore the sparks flying between them. Nate is full of grief, and Ginger has plenty to fear, but Hope Eternal Ranch might just have healing in store for them both if they are willing to take a chance on love.

A clean contemporary read, “Hopeful Cowboy” is a book of second chances and learning to trust. A sweet plot, the story gives good girl, bad boy relationships a different twist, as Nate is presented as an average guy caught up in crimes who takes responsibility for it and his future with intense results. Although the story relies on tropes like miscommunication and secrets to move the conflict, and Nate and Ginger tend to stay surface characters, the story is engrossing to the point that lovers of contemporary cowboy romance will quickly find themselves progressing from this book to the next in the series with little-to-no break between!

Sarah E Bradley